Playing my hand at using incentives to improve the lead-to-show ratio

by · October 5, 2011




This week I begin a new venture with a company that is relatively new to automotive – HookLogic.

My new role has me as Director of Business Development, Automotive, and I am thrilled to be joining this exciting and promising company. It’s a great opportunity for me, my career, and my family.

You may have seen the recent press releases about HookLogic Automotive President David Metter speaking at Digital Dealer 2011, or Bain Capital investing $9M into the company, or my friend Jeff Kershner, Founder of DealerRefresh also joining HookLogic of National Sales Director of Automotive.

These announcements all came out in late September and early October, and the three of us are hitting the road for conference season to embark on this new journey together.

When Metter first introduced me to HookLogic back in June, he explained how he and Kershner worked with the company over the course of about four years to use incentives to improve the lead-to-show ratio at MileOne. I was instantly “hooked.”

HookLogic technology uses non-binding third-party incentives such as gift cards to drive people into auto dealer showrooms. The product is a terrific compliment to we do for auto dealers at AutoConversion because it allows us to seamless incentivize blog visitors to opt-in to our dealers’ email lists.

While exploring the use of HookLogic technology for AutoConversion, the idea of me working for the company quickly became part of the discussion.

You can visit for more information if you are interested.

Here’s to a new season in life and in business!


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