Toyota Partners with 3 Birds Marketing to Help Enhance Dealerships Online

by · April 14, 2015

3Birds Partners with Toyota Scion


On the heels of its announcement with Toyota Motor Sales, USA about 3 Birds Marketing partnering to bring “comprehensive technology solutions” to Toyota and Scion dealers nationwide, I am also proud to announce my own partnership with 3 Birds Marketing. That is, that I have agreed to join the 3 Birds team as well.

As a Regional Sales Director I will be responsible for establishing and maintaining key dealer relationships in the Greater Chicago Area and Great Lakes Region. This is exciting for me as I have been steering my career back in to dealer sales for the last year, a place where I got my start in this business nearly 15 years ago selling inventory solutions to auto dealers.

In addition to working directly with local dealers in the areas of Customer Demand Marketing, Loyalty & Engagement, and FixedOps & Retention Marketing, I am also being charged with assisting the marketing arm of 3 Birds with its inbound marketing strategy. This unique hybrid opportunity designed by 3 Birds Co-Founder Layton Judd specifically for me is an honor because it combines everything I have worked towards in the last decade, allowing me to utilize my biz dev, social networking, and email marketing skills to create opportunities for myself and the 3 Birds team as a whole plus grow my own book of business.

Why the 3 Birds Toyota Scion Partnership Matters to Me

The Toyota Scion partnerships is significant too. Over the last two years I have provided numerous Online Marketing Assessments to auto dealers designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a dealership’s online presence, specifically on Google and with their Online Reputation and their Social Media. The 3 Birds partnership with Toyota Scion is essentially providing the same type of assessment for Toyota and Scion dealers, but with better tools and deeper insights than I was able to do.

The 3 Birds platform, or Wire 3.0 as it is technically called today, is so advanced and integrated with a dealer’s online marketing efforts that you are literally able to see the customer life cycle through its entirety from Search and Social Media, to Email, to CRM, to DMS with deep reporting and useful consumer insights. I remember when 3 Birds first hit market in 2010 with its smart and nifty email+blog+newsletter program, a solution that accomplished everything I was doing at the time for my dealers, but more efficiently and with better dealership integration.

Here I am five years later ecstatic about the prospect of working with one of the best auto dealer marketing platforms in the business with one of the fastest growing companies in our space. 

For more information about 3 Birds Marketing please visit the 3 Birds website or contact me directly. Of course, since you are here please let me know by dropping me a note in the comments below.

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