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21 Jun

AutomoBuzz Video – Will Uber Fail? All-New Mini Webinars, Social Incentives, and more…

by Ryan G

AutomoBuzz June 16th, 2017 – In this week’s AutomoBuzz Video, I introduce the new mini webinars we’ve been rolling out on DealerRefresh, among which this week includes Four Elements to Running a More Profitable Buy Center. I also talk briefly about my latest post on AutoConversion “Is Uber Doomed to Fail? and I unveil some awesome new Read More…

08 Jun

AutomoBuzz Video – Why Carvana Will Fail, Goes Public, and Experian Acquires String

by Ryan G

AutomoBuzz June 2, 2017: In this episode of the AutomoBuzz Casual Video Series, I summarize the latest Refresh Friday on DealerRefresh with Steve Stauning where we talk about his article series on Why Caravana Will Fail. Also mentioned in this edition is going public and Experian acquiring String Automotive. This edition is only 3 minutes and 23 seconds. Read More…

22 May

AutomoBuzz Video – Refresh Friday with Brent Durham, New Webinar Recordings, and more…

by Ryan G

There’s a lot going on in the auto retail business, but there’s nothing like what we have going on here on BlogPro. Although I’ve been producing these “Casual B2B” videos since March, I’m declaring this the second official video within the AutomoBuzz Series, where I attempt to capture more than a week’s worth of information into a Read More…

17 May

TrueCar Aims to Give Customers Transparency – But What Does it Mean for Dealers?

by Ryan G

There’s no denying that consumers want to be more involved and well-informed before making big purchases.  Comparison shopping and online research has become the norm for people before they buy anything from stereos and home appliances to motorcycles and cars.  For  those shopping around for a new car, that has traditionally meant checking out safety Read More…

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04 May

AutomoBuzz Video – Increase Online Conversion, Anonymous Visitor Tracking, Personal Branding for Dealers

by Ryan G

Here’s a brief rundown of what I talk about in this Casual Automotive B2B video from May 1st. I’m still working on the exact formula for these videos but overall I feel like I’m making progress with my approach, and I’m also excited to see the list of people that are opting in and subscribing grow. If Read More…

12 Apr

Google Searches Reveal Auto Trends, Podium signs on with CDK, GM to Manufacture Autonomous Cars

by Ryan G

Google Searches Reveal Auto Trends (Media Post) With so many car brands available on the market today, most Americans turn to Google to view pictures, read reviews, and find details on the vehicle they’re interested in purchasing. Yonkers Honda wanted to show how these Google searches have evolved over time so they put together a Read More…