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19 Oct

Dataium Releases New Automotive Attribution Reporting Suite

by Ryan G

New suite offers unprecedented visibility into the path to purchase of auto buyers, including unbroken channel attribution and keyword usage. Dataium announced recently the release of its new suite of automotive channel attribution reports. The new suite offers the most comprehensive and definitive attribution reporting resource available to date. Taking advantage of Dataium’s Cloud Intelligence® Read More…

28 Sep

Search Engine Traffic Quality vs. Quantity Study

by Ryan G

Rethinking Online Media Attribution Data Mining Suggests Ad Spending is Misdirected A recent Dataium study commissioned by suggests that dealers may be misinterpreting the value or even usage of search engines by consumers and that paid SEM’s potential for influencing sales appears to be overstated. Key stats from the study: Traffic to dealership site Read More…

30 Jan

Turn off the data and send them to the cashier

by Ryan G

A little more than a year ago, a colleague and I were at happy hour talking about a variety of things related to our professions in the auto industry. In our conversation he had brought up a potentially dangerous situation that was nowhere on my radar and that I did not put much thought into, Read More…

06 Nov

Dataium’s Digital Footprint Could Be a Giant Leap for Automotive CRM

by Ryan G

Automotive CRM is continually evolving, and you want to make sure you stay at the lead of the pack. Those who are early adopters of new business intelligence technology will maintain a distinct market advantage. Dataium, a “data utility company,” is poised to revolutionize automotive CRM. Dataium’s cloud intelligence data and reporting tools can significantly Read More…

25 May

Is your website used by search engine spammers?

by Ryan G

This post was derived almost verbatim from in their Weekly SEO News. Apparently, spammers have found a new way to get higher rankings on Google. The trick involves hacked websites and the canonical tag. Is your website at risk? What can you do to avoid this? What exactly has happened? In an online forum, Read More…

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23 May

How to Add Matching Vehicles to Your Auto Reviews in WordPress using an RSS Feed

by Ryan G

We are experimenting with a WP Plugin called RSS to Post that will permit us to attach a few vehicles to each auto review we do for our dealer blogs. While the idea of attaching vehicles to posts in a blog  is not new, real-world use of this in WordPress is not particularly widespread., large Read More…

19 Apr

Will Auto Shoppers Use Smartphones to Buy Cars?

by Ryan G

According to a recent study performed by the independent mobile advertising network Greystripe, a “huge majority” of smartphone owners will use their devices to help them both find and buy a new car. Android and iOS users looking to purchase a new ride, be it new or used, intend to use their mobile devices during Read More…