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24 Mar Introduces Breakthrough Software for Car Dealers with Social Relationship Management Tool

by Ryan G

Earlier this week held a webinar to introduce its new Social Relationship Manager tool, or SRM. I did not attend but I did spend some time on an in-depth review of it by Brian Pasch, who has a knack for breaking things like this down in to its components. I don’t know how much […]

02 Mar

Piwik Site Analytics Now Included with Auto Dealer Microsites

by Ryan G

In an effort to continually improve the blogging experience for our dealers, BlogPro Automotive has chosen to start providing its own analytics solution by including Piwik with all of our dealer blog and microsite hosting services. A recurring issue we experience with dealers is lost or inaccessible website analytics, usually the result of them switching […]

09 Feb Launches Social Bundle for Dealers to Connect More with Shoppers

by Ryan G recently announced the national launch of the Connections Bundle, which integrates social media, chat, dealer ratings and more to create more avenues for car shoppers to connect with dealers online. The bundle includes Dealer Chat, Social Connections, Dealer Ratings and Sitelink Advanced, according to the company. It was tested throughout the third and fourth […]