Adding a mobile component to your lead generation process

by · April 8, 2010

Hey folks. This week’s webinar for AC Mobile was not advertised because we are doing something that is product-specific, thus it is not open to the public. We are recording it so once we have completed the edited version then we will be releasing a public version that will be used primarily for demonstration purposes.

The topic for this private webinar is on the new mobile component we have been building in to the AC Insider program. Specifically we will be looking at:

  • The new email auto response with mobile opt-in information and link to mobile site
  • The new mobile site options
  • Pricing for the new mobile component
  • Upgrade options to full mobile version
  • How we are incorporating the new mobile component into AC List Builder

You can see there is much to cover and will likely require more than an hour to run through, thus another reason it is not open to the public because it is too much information for one sessions.

Some of you may have received an email communication from GoToWebinar about the AC Spotlight Series going on tomorrow. That communication was a mistake and has been corrected. The next AC Spotlight session is set for May 6.

We have updated the training schedule on our website so please check there for the most accurate information.

To join the AC Mobile Webinar Series you may click here or the button below. By registering you will receive an email notification from GoToWebinar reminding you of each webinar within this series. If you are not able to or are not interested in attending a specific webinar within that series then there is no obligation to attend. You can disregard the notification.

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