Dataium’s Digital Footprint Could Be a Giant Leap for Automotive CRM

by · November 6, 2011

Automotive CRM is continually evolving, and you want to make sure you stay at the lead of the pack. Those who are early adopters of new business intelligence technology will maintain a distinct market advantage.

Dataium, a “data utility company,” is poised to revolutionize automotive CRM. Dataium’s cloud intelligence data and reporting tools can significantly enhance your lead generation and conversion numbers, in ways you always dreamed were possible.

Dataium gathers data about people, anonymously and individually, to help auto dealers better understand people’s behavior and interest level before and after they visit a dealership’s website.

Unworkable leads now become workable again.

Think of all the consumers who show interest in a certain vehicle and then walk away, not yet ready to buy. Now imagine being able to learn when each consumer is online looking at cars again sometime later, and what cars they are looking at, giving you the perfect timing and information needed to place that follow-up call.

This is just one small example of how Dataium can work for auto dealerships. As Dataium says on its website:

“With each click, search, and submission, consumers leave behind valuable and insightful data and statistics about their habits, interests, and future behaviors.”

This data is like a digital footprint, containing valuable information on online purchasing behavior and activity, consumer trends, buyer intent, and the effectiveness of promotions and web design.

In other words, you now have a new way to keep up with consumer interests and demands. With the result being:

  • More of the right traffic to your website
  • Fewer unworkable leads
  • Better ability to predict a buyer’s intent
  • Higher close rates

As consumers submit lead forms, their IP address is associated with a data record, including phone numbers, email addresses, etc., and cookies that help track online activity. Dataium connects thousands of websites including OEMs, dealers, social media platforms and automotive websites that collect user information to provide authorized businesses access to a rich stream of data that will transform the way market to car buyers.

Now the question is, how will YOUR DEALERSHIP use this information? How can auto dealers benefit from Dataium?

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