How auto dealers can leverage Word of Mouth Advertising

by · March 9, 2010

Carfolks.comLater this week, Thursday actually, March 11, we are holding a special webinar with guest presenter Mark R. Dubis (@mdubis), one of the co-founders of Carfolks is the first dealer advocate site to help reward dealers and their sales and service team members for doing things right. The Internet has made it easy to complain about poor service at any establishment and there is a growing trend to post negative comments online, but few easy solutions to gather comments from happy customers.

Auto retailers are now putting more focus on providing a great customer buying experience and looking for ways to leverage “word of mouth” (WOM) advertising from their many satisfied customers in an online tangible fashion.

Mark has over 26 years in the automotive, leasing, and financial sectors of the transportation industry. As the first full time editor of Digital Dealer magazine, he got to speak first hand with dealer owners, Internet Managers and vendors on the cutting edge of technology and social media.

He got upset when he saw good dealers being “blasted online” and wanted to help dealers paint a more accurate picture for auto shopping consumers. By offering search engine optimized pages for sales professionals he allows them to build their own personal brand, and since their pages are transportable to any dealership they work for, their efforts benefit them as long as they stay in the business.

Carfolks jump starts the WOM process and in less than 18 months a focused sales person could be selling 25 to 30 vehicles per month by leveraging their Carfolks consumer network.

This special webinar kick starts a new series for the AC Webinar program where we will begin featuring companies rather than features and capabilities of software technology solutions. The webinar is being held on Thursday, March 11 at 11:30 am EST. You can register by clicking the button below.

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We begin promptly going through a 5-minute orientation before diving into the material itself. Our webinars are typically recorded for edited versions to be published onto our Viddler channel.

We hope to see you there. Since this is the first webinar in this ongoing series, you must register for this event to attend, even if you already are registered with another series. Webinars and registration are handled through GoToWebinar. Upon registering you will receive an email notification from GoToWebinar each week, day, and hour prior to each webinar within that series, about every 6-8 weeks (per series).

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  1. Ryan G says:

    You can now view the edited version of this webinar on our Viddler channel:

    The edited version came out nice. It is just under 10 minutes in length and covers a number of topics pertaining to some of the challenges for auto dealers today.

    – Selling cars today changes frequently
    – The social media buzz is impacting the car buying experience, e.g. branding, networking, customer service, etc.
    – Customers have few places to praise a dealership and/or personnel
    – Carfolks fosters this possibility

    Enjoy and leave your comments below.