Search Engine Traffic Quality vs. Quantity Study

by · September 28, 2012

Rethinking Online Media Attribution

Data Mining Suggests Ad Spending is Misdirected

A recent Dataium study commissioned by suggests that dealers may be misinterpreting the value or even usage of search engines by consumers and that paid SEM’s potential for influencing sales appears to be overstated.

Key stats from the study:

  • Traffic to dealership site via search engines: 38%
  • % of traffic via keyword referencing dealership name: 78%
  • Conversion rate of traffic from PPC or SEM advertising: less than 1%
  • Conversion rate of all traffic on dealership website: 1%
  • Average conversion rate of traffic from automotive market place sites: 8%

While dealers invest in SEM for reasons beyond driving traffic and leads on their dealership websites, most visitors, referred to dealer sites by search engines, have likely already formed impressions. Dealers should therefore look at ways to invest more efficiently between paid SEM and “upstream” digital media, such as automotive marketplace sites, to drive deeper consideration with shoppers earlier in the decision making process.

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