Using coupon codes in your Mobile Marketing Strategy

by · March 2, 2010

In January we explored specific areas in the CMP Mobile Marketing Interface. You can view the edited version of this on our Viddler channel.

This month, we are back with a follow-up episode and with guest Presenter Brian Collins, one of the founding partners of CMP Development Group. Collins has been building awareness of mobile marketing with business and auto dealerships in the Philadelphia metro and suburban areas. His vision for local businesses and consumers is for them to continue using mobile communications to interact and to make purchases.


The subject matter for this webinar will concentrate on the use of coupons codes in the CMP interface. Coupons are increasingly useful for everyone because they offer incentives to engage in business and with mobile technology you can place your incentives in the daily lives of people in your audience.

AutoConversion has teamed with CMP as an affiliate provider to offer limited benefits of its service to local dealers and businesses. By doing this, businesses participating in the AC Insider program offered by AutoConversion and its affiliates, benefit from mobile marketing initiatives managed by us.

As always, the webinar begins at 11:30 am EST Thursday March 4. We begin promptly going through a 5-minute orientation before diving into the material itself. Our webinars are typically recorded for edited versions to be published onto our Viddler channel.

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