On Air with Mike Correra and Mike Phillips

VIDEO: Personal Branding in Auto Retail, Choosing Your Sales Rep, and more…

by · April 6, 2018

Brief overview of the conversation we had in April 2018 LIVE “On Air” with Mike “The Car Guy” Correra and Mike Phillips from Lead the Team, as well as first-time guest Ben Adler.

The show begins with a report by Mike P from the Innovative Dealer Summit in Denver. We then do a brief recap of NADA 2018 which was less than two weeks ago.

Finally we get into a great discussion around the idea of personal branding for auto sales professionals, and how consumers having a growing interest in the ability to choose which sales associates they want to work with, and how a tool like Ben’s, called RepConnect, are being introduced, giving auto sales professionals more incentive to focus on their personal brand, and the challenges that can lead to with dealers.

Into podcasting? Catch the entire conversation on the AutoConverse “Future of Mobility” Podcast.

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