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VIDEO: Sell More Cars By Differentiating the Online Vehicle Trade-in Experience on Your Dealership Website

by · March 5, 2018

The four-square write-up is almost as old as the car business, and the ability for dealers to differentiate themselves from the competition has become a challenge. But by implementing a write-up focused marketing strategy on your website that leverages the latest technologies to customize the experience, your dealership website can convert more leads and ultimately drive more customers.


In the video below, you will get a feel for the conversation we had with Dave Pavlu, former car dealer who turned entrepreneur, who we spoke with recently to discuss what’s really going on in the auto retail business when it comes to engaging with customers around their vehicle trade-in value interests, and motivations.

In the video we discuss:

  • What’s wrong with today’s online vehicle trade-in experience
  • Why your online vehicle trade evaluation tool may be missing the mark
  • How dealers can increase online conversions, and ultimately drive more sales, by differentiating the online vehicle trade-in evaluation process

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