14 Jun


Cox-Dealertrack Acquisition Pinnacle of Industry Consolidation


Cox-Dealertarack Acquisition

You have to appreciate the way that Cox Automotive publicized its acquisition today of Dealertrack: “Cox to invest into customers and industry.” This is a terrific PR spin, but what’s really going on is consolidation and it is occurring because there are greater profits at play. I am not on any bandwagon for or against consolidation, it’s only natural Read More…

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22 May


How does the Autobytel Acquisition of Dealix affect Your Dealership?


Autobytel Acquires Dealix

With Autobytel’s announcement yesterday acquiring Dealix from CDK, of course we must rewind back to fewer than 18 months ago when ABTL acquired AutoUSA. Two important questions come to mind for me: How does this follow-up acquisition set the stage for the future of 3rd party lead generation? More importantly how do these acquisitions affect Read More…

14 Apr


Toyota Partners with 3 Birds Marketing to Help Enhance Dealerships Online



  On the heels of its announcement with Toyota Motor Sales, USA about 3 Birds Marketing partnering to bring “comprehensive technology solutions” to Toyota and Scion dealers nationwide, I am also proud to announce my own partnership with 3 Birds Marketing. That is, that I have agreed to join the 3 Birds team as well. As a Regional Sales Director Read More…

13 Apr


IS20G 7 Event Offers Comprehensive Web + BDC Dealership Assessment



  Hard to believe it has been more than six months now since IS20G 6 in Boston, which turned out to be a terrific event with more than 200 dealers in attendance. As before I was responsible for compiling and ranking the dealerships evaluated in the dealership composites which naturally consumed my involvement with the gig, Read More…

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28 Mar


Dataium Joins Polk with IHS Automotive Acquisition


What does the acquisition of Datium by IHS Automotive mean for Automotive Online Retail? Dataium has long been one of my favorite companies. I have written about or referenced Dataium here on this blog more than half a dozen times. To hear news of the company’s acquisition last week by IHS Automotive is of personal Read More…