22 Jul


Top Automotive Retail Events, Publications, Communities, and Authorities


Auto Retail 101

A post ultimately designed for those new to the automotive online retail space #automarketing This post contains a collection of events, publications, blogs, and online communities in the automotive online retail space that I frequent  or at least keep a pulse on. I put it together for people new to this space looking for authoritative Read More…

07 Jul


How non-responsive emails are hurting your dealership ad spend


Tablet and Smartphone Email Design

There’s been a tremendous focus these last few years on making sure dealership websites are responsive, but the majority of EMAILS I see from dealerships are not responsive. With more than 51% of email being opened on mobile devices, a responsive strategy for email is critical in the years to come.   Think about it. Read More…

30 Jun


Customer Loyalty is More than Just Customer Satisfaction


How to Measure Customer Loyalty

Peter Drucker was once quoted as saying, “Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.” This could not be more true than for an auto dealership.   Two things come to mind when I consider this quote from an auto dealer perspective.   Online Reputation Loyal Revenue-Driving Customers   With regard to online reputation, most Read More…

29 Jun


Reputation Management? You Have it All Wrong!


Reputation Management

Did you know that your dealership’s reputation online has a direct impact on your website traffic? In fact, according to research performed recently by 3 Birds Marketing, dealers that improved their online reputation the most saw on average a 42% increase in their website traffic whereas dealers that made little to no improvements saw on Read More…

14 Jun


Cox-Dealertrack Acquisition Pinnacle of Industry Consolidation


Cox-Dealertarack Acquisition

You have to appreciate the way that Cox Automotive publicized its acquisition today of Dealertrack: “Cox to invest into customers and industry.” This is a terrific PR spin, but what’s really going on is consolidation and it is occurring because there are greater profits at play. I am not on any bandwagon for or against consolidation, it’s only natural Read More…

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22 May


How does the Autobytel Acquisition of Dealix affect Your Dealership?


Autobytel Acquires Dealix

With Autobytel’s announcement yesterday acquiring Dealix from CDK, of course we must rewind back to fewer than 18 months ago when ABTL acquired AutoUSA. Two important questions come to mind for me: How does this follow-up acquisition set the stage for the future of 3rd party lead generation? More importantly how do these acquisitions affect Read More…