How to Suck at Social Media in Your Dealership

by · February 19, 2013

How to Suck at Social MediaLast month I began working with SOCIALDEALER. We have been busy putting together marketing initiatives with its talented team of designers, marketers, and innovators. I wanted to share some of what we have going on and, as always, I will plan to keep you abreast with my progress here on BlogPro.

The first campaign we ran was to promote a help guide we created for dealers to get started with Google+. The response was very good and it was a real indicator of the interest level and demand out there for Social. [Download your free guide here]

Finally, after all these years I think we can truly say that Social has arrived in Automotive. At JDPAIRT 2011 it was evident that Social was in the glue per say, at the OEM level at least, but not so much at the dealer level.

That is changing though in 2013.

In preparation of this, I and the crew at SD are in the process of rolling out a bigger, long-term campaign that uses a Prezi called “How to Suck at Social Media.” The idea was sparked brilliantly by Marketing Coordinator Zach Betz who really shows off his Prezi skills in this piece.

The reason we went with this approach is because there is so much stuff out there from so many different sources the latest tips, tricks, and best practices. We wanted something fresh and bold that could stand out. Something fun and useful at the same time. Hopefully we accomplished this.

Don’t expect us to stop here though. As stated in a previous post 2013 is going to be a big year for me personally as I kick things up a notch with Google+ Hangout and On Air. Over the next few weeks you will see us rolling out some aggressive marketing efforts around Google+ and specifically using Hangout and On Air.

Stay tuned and enjoy the Prezi. Let me know what you think by posting your comments below. Be sure to subscribe to BlogPro Automotive to receive email alerts each time something new gets posted here. I’m relatively quiet so no need to fear getting bombarded with my puke.


SOCIALDEALER is the auto industry’s first platform designed exquisitely for dealers to manage their Social Media efforts and now also the first to integrate Reputation and Social onto the same platform. I joined forces with SD not so much because of what they have going on, but where SD is headed with its technology solutions. President Phil Penton, whom I have known and worked with now for about a decade, leads the way with SD’s solutions and is doing a bang-up job getting major groups, OEM’s, and Tier agencies on board with the platform.

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  1. That was an amazing presentation. You are right about social media and marketing. I have been a part of car dealership and both have always been associated with one another though success would still depend on how social media and marketing are used.