No Power to Dash or Ignition: 9 Possible Reasons

No Power to Dash or Ignition

Having no power to dash or ignition system can make you panic, and you might need to look at various components of your vehicle to check whether it’s working effectively. The main reason behind why this happens can be no electrical power to the dashboard lights or ignition system.  For instance, a bad alternator or … Read more

Can a Bad Alternator Cause a Misfire? 8 Signs That Your Alternator is Failing

Can a Bad Alternator Cause a Misfire

Faulty electrical systems caused by an old alternator can cause problems such as misfiring engines, power windows not working, and even a dead battery. Read this post to find out all the warning signs and learn more! All gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles comprise a key component called an alternator which works with the battery and … Read more

Can An EVAP Leak Cause Transmission Problems?

Can An EVAP Leak Cause Transmission Problems

Is your car’s transmission giving you trouble? It could be the result of an EVAP leak! Find out how to diagnose and repair issues with the evaporative emission control system. The Evaporative emission control system(EVAP) helps prevent the release of fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere. But can an EVAP leak cause transmission problems? … Read more

12 Reasons Why Your Mercedes C280 is Jerking on Stop

Mercedes C280 is Jerking on Stop

Diagnose and solve your ongoing issues with the Mercedes C280 jerking on stop. Complete guide to identify and fix any issues quickly and effectively! Is your Mercedes C280 jerking on stop? If yes, then we will explain the possible reasons why it is happening in this article. You will feel pretty uncomfortable whenever your vehicle … Read more

AC Pro Gauge Not Moving: 3 Possible Causes

AC Pro Gauge Not Moving

Learn why the AC Pro Gauge on your air conditioning unit could be malfunctioning and how to troubleshoot potential causes like low refrigerant level, compressor clutch issues, or even a severe refrigerant leak. When you turn on the AC in your car, it can sometimes happen that the pressure in the car gets affected for … Read more