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Introducing AutomoBuzz – Casual Videos w/ Ryan Gerardi

by · May 30, 2017

For more than a year now I’ve been working on a concept called the Automotive B2B Casual Video Series, and I’m excited to now be officially unveiling it with this post and embedded video. Thank you to the dozens of people that have helped or been involved with the development of this idea over the last many months.



The idea behind this ongoing video series was inspired by a maverick out there named Brian Burns who runs a podcast called the Maverick Selling Method and often releases uber-casual videos with him talking to this tribe through videos recorded on his smartphone and uploaded to YouTube. If you aren’t familiar with Brian and his podcast you can check him out here.

My video series is produced in more of a webinar format where you see me on a video cam sharing my screen. It is meant to provide people in the auto retail business an efficient and useful way to keep up with all the content and activities that I produce through my business AutoConversion, which includes this blog and also DealerRefresh, not to mention my other strategic partnerships, alliances, and events throughout the industry.

Initially my goal was to produce periodic 5-minute videos that covered the latest articles and emails going out across my channels that required little or no editing, and the first batch of videos did this. But this quickly evolved into covering all activities with which I am involved such as industry events and webinars. Some of the videos underwent a minor post-production process and some were released exactly how they were recorded. Regardless, the videos are meant to have a ‘casual’ appeal in somewhat of a webinar format, although there is nothing keeping me from incorporating video outside the webinar format.

What to Expect

Based on feedback I have found that five minutes could be too long. My goal moving forward shall be to keep them under three minutes. In the videos, you will find me talking about recent and upcoming webinars and broadcasts, articles I’ve either written or helped publish, emails being sent, campaigns underway, and anything related really to what I’m doing around the auto retail business, giving viewers and listeners an opportunity to decide which information most interests them.

Opt In

To get dialed in you can subscribe to my YouTube channel which will notify you each time we upload a new video. You can also text ACB2B or AUTOMOBUZZ to 555888 to opt in for text alerts. This way you will receive a link to each video within the series that we release.

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