NADA 100 Facebook Live Recordings

10 Best Facebook Live Recordings from NADA 100 in New Orleans

by · February 16, 2017

When I began putting together my game plan for NADA 100 this year in New Orleans, I knew I had to do something different and out of the box. Last year at NADA I conducted interviews and captured cameo shoots to come up with this popular video – Good Times at NADA 2016 with B-Roll. This time around I decided to go all out with Facebook Live!

To achieve this, I had to re-outfit my recording equipment. The Sony HD 1080p camera I’ve been using since 2012, which I refer to as “Ole Faithful” was not an option for doing live broadcasts on Facebook. In fact, Ole Faithful is effectively obsolete because the tapes (yes, tape) it records on are no longer available. To do Facebook Live I was going to need new equipment.

I will spare you the story of how and why I upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus to do this for the conference. Let’s just say it took nearly two weeks of researching, consulting, buying, testing, and returning equipment and accessories before forging ahead with the 7 Plus, literally up to the day prior to NADA 100 beginning before I knew I’d be able to pull it off.

So, without further ado, here are all the Facebook Live broadcasts I was able to do. The links below include broadcasts that appeared on both the AutoConversion and DealerRefresh Facebook Pages. Shouts out to everyone that helped with the broadcasts, including those behind the scenes and not on camera. You know who you are!

PS – I’m working on a compilation video of NADA 100 that includes portions of these broadcasts and all the good photos I have as well. You can text NADA to 555888 to receive some these recordings on your phone which means when the compilation video is ready you will be the FIRST TO KNOW!


Video #1 – Greetings from NADA 100 Live w/ Ryan Gerardi

Video #2 – Ryan Gerardi Interview w/ John Possumato (Automotive Mobile Solutions)

Video #3 – Jake Wittler at DealerRater Booth

Video #4 – Eliana Raggio Live from the DealerOn Booth

Video #5 – Sit Down w/ Sean Seltzer and Joe Castle of SOCIALDEALER

Video #6 – LotLinx Turning Point Interviews w/ Brian Pasch

Video #7 – John Clavadetscher ( Interview w/ Steve White (Clarivoy) Discussing New Partnership

Video #8 – Wes and Tyler at Digital Air Strike Booth Announcing French Quarter Parade

Video #9 – Ryan Gerardi Interview w/ Ilana Zur (AutoLeadStar)

Video #10 – Ryan Gerardi Interview w/ Harry Siskind (AutoSpin USA)