How to Get Free Social Media Content from the Chicago Auto Show for Your Dealership

by · February 3, 2015

CATA Social Dealers Program

For the second straight year, Chicago-area auto dealers are able to acquire free brand-specific social media content from the Chicago Auto Show and have it published directly to their dealership Facebook pages, courtesy of show host The Chicago Automobile Trade Association and SOCIALDEALER.


This is significant because as the effect of organic content on Facebook dealer pages continues to diminish, auto dealers are faced with the challenge of keeping their Facebook pages fresh and interesting but without investing too much time or money into the process, something I talk about at length in the post, How to Combat Declining Organic Reach on Facebook.


With the CATA Social Dealers program, dealer members can benefit from having auto show content on their pages with little to no effort on their part.


The way it works is simple:


  1. CATA Dealer Members register their Facebook page(s) with SOCIALDEALER’s Social Integration platform and select the brand (or brands) they represent.
  2. During the show, registered dealers will receive email alerts that provide a preview of the content that has been prepared for their page
  3. Using the platform, dealers will be able to approve, modify, or reject each piece of content that is prepared


The program is free to all CATA dealer members. If you missed the Dealer Summit we held on January 20 where we discussed the program then you can contact me directly for a recap. There is a video I had prepared in a June blog post for the 2014 USO BBQ For the Troops event that demonstrates how this program, formerly referred to as the CATA Connect4Content program, works. In this video you will see reference to what the declining reach of organic Facebook content means for dealers and how Facebook Targeted Advertising can be utilized to produce a more desired result with Facebook.


What Type of Content?

To view samples of the type of content you can expect to receive for your Facebook page, check out this post on my Google+ profile.


To get started simply click on the image below.


CATA Social Dealers Program

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