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Introducing Mini-Webinars and Live Web Chats

by · January 17, 2018

A colleague once told me, “I’d rather spend 60 minutes learning from someone who already figured out what I need to know, than spend days, weeks, or months trying to figure it out on my own.” This is precisely why webinars have and continue to be so popular.

Problem is that in today’s business culture, we are all struggling to find time to invest those 60 minutes here and there to absorb new lessons and curriculum. In many cases, webinars can be painful to endure, offering limited or minimal value.

Introducing, the Mini-Webinar

To help with this, we would like to introduce the Mini-Webinars – an abridged version of the original webinar recording, re-sequenced and condensed to quickly get to the key takeaways of a webinar, giving you a chance to spend as few as 5-10 minutes viewing and/or listening to the most important segments within it.

We introduced the idea last year on DealerRefresh, so if you’re a reader or subscriber there then you may have come across one or two, and hopefully appreciate the work we put into each one to help save you time and give you more value.

Webinars vs. Live Web Chats

In 2017, in response to repeated requests from dealers and sponsors throughout the community, we began offering Sponsored Webinars on DealerRefresh. Unlike your conventional industry webinar, however, our approach to these was to make them more conversational, rather than presentational, which is why we advertise them as Live Web Chats.

In a live web chat, the webinar presenter is asked to come prepared with a branded presentation, but also be open to questions and interruptions from the host(s) and from live attendees.

For all practical purposes, our goal with these live web chats has been to capture a conversation that is authentic, informative, and educational, and most of all useful, so that we may re-purpose the material in video form and in audio form, alas a podcast. The challenge of course with the podcast version is that there are no visuals.

Before we release the mini version of a webinar, we first release a ‘trimmed’ edited version of the original recording. Typically this reduces the original webinar about 25%. During the live webinar, there are portions that pertain only to the live audience. By removing these portions, viewers and listeners can experience a slightly reduced version of the original webinar experience.

Even after the live web chat is conducted, you can still sign up to receive access to the full recording. The mini versions of these webinars are made available to all once they are released. The ‘trimmed’ versions are only accessible upon request.

Sponsored webinar guests include industry professionals, partners, and vendors who bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table, packaged as a marketing campaign and delivered as educational and informative. The goal of course, is to provide our audience with key information that can be implemented at dealerships immediately and in a meaningful way.

Get Involved

To benefit from these webinars, keep your eyes peeled for mini-webinar video releases, and announcements of upcoming webinars. When you see one that piques your interest then sign up, whether it’s to reserve your seat on the live webinar, or to access the full recording once it’s released.