Tuner Lug Nuts On OEM Wheels: Will They Work?

Tuner Lug Nuts On OEM Wheels

Can you use tuner lug nuts on OEM wheels? How many types of lug nuts are there, and which ones will work best with OEM wheels? We answer all this in the article below. When you are changing the tires of your car, you will notice that there are tiny nuts and bolts that are … Read more

Does Straight Piping Increase MPG? Truth Revealed

Does Straight Piping Increase MPG

Are you thinking of straight piping your engine? Does straight piping increase mpg, or is it all just big words and no major benefit? Read the article below to learn the truth of straight piping. A number of drivers use the straight piping method to increase the power of their cars. There is a common … Read more

Broken Bolt On Valve Cover: 6 Ways To Fix

Broken Bolt On Valve Cover

If there is a broken bolt on valve cover, it could cause a major problem, because your valve cover might leak. In this article, learn how to fix this problem in six different ways The valve cover is located on the top of the engine, i.e., above the cylinder head. It usually comprises plastic or … Read more