Cracked Oil Filter Housing: Quick Fixes and Tips

Cracked oil filter housings are a common issue that can lead to oil leaks and reduced engine performance. Identifying and addressing this problem as soon as possible is essential for maintaining the overall health and longevity of your vehicle. In this article, we will discuss the signs of a cracked oil filter housing, the potential … Read more

Why is 93 Octane Hard to Find? Unraveling the Mystery

Can Bad Gas Cause Epc Light

Why is 93 Octane hard to find at gas stations? We looked into this question and here’s what came out. Gasoline enthusiasts often wonder why it’s so difficult to find 93 octane fuel in certain parts of the United States. High-octane fuels, such as 93 octane gasoline, have become increasingly rare due to various factors. … Read more

Do Junkyards Buy Mufflers? Friendly Guide for Car Owners

Do Junkyards Buy Mufflers

Mufflers play a crucial role in a car’s exhaust system, dampening the sound of the engine and reducing pollution. Many car owners may find themselves with a damaged or worn-out muffler. This might prompt them to wonder if they can sell it for some cash at a junkyard. Do Junkyards Buy Mufflers? Junkyards typically buy … Read more

Can Bad Gas Cause EPC Light? Exploring the Connection

Can Bad Gas Cause EPC Light

Bad gas happens to be a common and frustrating problem for car owners. It can affect the performance and reliability of their vehicles. A potential issue that may arise from the use of bad gas is the activation of the Electronic Power Control (EPC) light. This light typically signals a problem with the electronic control … Read more