What Happens If Tire Rotation Is Wrong?

What Happens If Tire Rotation Is Wrong?

What happens if tire rotation is wrong? Well, the answer depends on the type of tire you are using. Let’s explore this topic in detail. Tires are one of the main components of a vehicle that are responsible for supporting the weight of the vehicle. While driving, tires offer traction and braking power.  Unidirectional tires … Read more

What Size Tire Iron Do I Need?

What Size Tire Iron Do I Need

I have a punctured tire, what size tire iron do I need to fix it? If this is the quandary for which you are searching a solution, then you have come to the right place. The parts and components of a vehicle wear off over time with continuous use. If It is possible that during … Read more

My Car Dies When Brakes Are Applied, What Should I Do?

Car Dies When Brakes Are Applied

If your car dies when brakes are applied, the first thing that you need to check is to your brake fluid. In case there is leakage, you should get it repaired right away. Read on to understand why cars stall and how your braking system is linked to it. Driving a car smoothly requires many … Read more

What Size Tires For A 3 Inch Lift?

Which Brake Pad Goes On The Inside

Getting a lift on your car is a great way to negotiate rough terrains. But getting a lift is not easy: for example, what size tires for a 3 inch lift should you get? Answers to this and many more such questions are in the article below Imagine riding on rough mountain terrains and not … Read more

What Size Wheel Spacers For Silverado?

What Size Wheel Spacers For Silverado

How do you know what size wheel spacers for Silverado are best? How to install the wheel spacers in your truck? Let’s find out in the article below. Wheel spacers are installed between your vehicle’s wheel and hub area, pushing the wheel away from its suspension parts. It helps prevent rubbing and is mainly used … Read more

Where Is The Electronic Brake Control Module Located?

Where Is The Electronic Brake Control Module Located

The electronic brake control module controls the braking system of most vehicles. But do you know where is the electronic brake control module located? Let’s find out. Earlier, the vehicles’ braking system was hydraulically handled, and there was no electrical system to monitor. Over the decades, car manufacturers have come up with safety features and … Read more

What Does Unloaded Brake Caliper Mean?

While I am sure you must have heard about brake calipers, did you know they come in two types: loaded and unloaded? What does unloaded brake caliper mean? Brake calipers are a critical part of the vehicle that makes it safe to drive. Without a brake caliper, you may not be able to control your … Read more

Does Motor Oil Evaporate?

If you leave your car and go for a long vacation, there is a lot to think about when you come back. For example, does motor oil evaporate? What will happen if I drive the car without motor oil? Let’s find out. Motor oils have been in use since the inception of steam engines, where … Read more