Why Is My Brake Fluid Green?

Why Is My Brake Fluid Green? Green fluid means that your fluid is leaking somewhere, and you need to take steps to stop the leakage immediately.  As we all know, motor oil, which is brake fluid, may leak out of your vehicle after a certain period of usage; while it leaks, you may feel the … Read more

6 Best Car Seat For VW T5

In this article, we look at the 6 best car seat for VW T5. Our top 3 choices are in the table below The Volkswagen T5 is one of the best seven-seater vans for a large family. This is one of the safest large-capacity family vehicles on the road. However, one problem that families often … Read more

Why Are Brake Lines Coiled At The Master Cylinder

If you ever opened up the braking system of your car, you might have wondered why are brake lines coiled at the master cylinder? Why not keep them straight? We answer all these queries below. [e-toc] Has the mechanism involved in the manufacture of your vehicle ever triggered you? Or, have you ever been intrigued … Read more

Spongy Brake Pedal When Engine Running – What to Do?

When your brake pedal doesn’t have adequate pressure, it becomes dangerous. Let’s discuss the reasons for a spongy brake pedal when engine running in detail. Brakes are a vital component of your vehicle. A proper braking system in your four-wheel vehicle ensures that your car stops at the appropriate time.  If your brakes are worn out … Read more

Why Does My Brake Pedal Squeak

Why does my brake pedal squeak? This may be because of the worn brake pads or some other cause. You need to fix the brake immediately if you have this issue. Read on to know more. Do you hear a squeaking sound whenever you press and then release your brake? This probably means your brake … Read more