Where Are Power King Tires Made?

Where Are Power King Tires Made

Everyone wants the best for their car, and ever since China bombs, buyers are wary of Made in China tires. So, where are Power King Tires made? Should you rely on these tires for your trailer? Let’s find out. The Power King tires are not made in the states; instead are made in China.  Customers … Read more

Where Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made?

Where Are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made

Maxxis is one of the premium trailer tire manufacturers in the world. But where are Maxxis trailer tires made? Are they made in China, like those notorious Chinese bomb tires? Find out in the article below. The Internet is overflowing with poor tire reviews and incidents of tire blowouts. Tire manufacturers often compromise on the … Read more

Where To Get Wheel Bearings Pressed?

Where To Get Wheel Bearings Pressed

Looking out for an auto repair shop to press your wheel bearings? This guide will help you find the best places where to get wheel bearings pressed at fair prices.  Worn-out wheel bearings can be problematic, especially when driving at high speeds. While one can ignore problems like grinding noises, vibrations, and flat tires, a … Read more

Where Are Timken Wheel Bearings Made?

Timken bearings are durable, easy to install, and enhance your vehicle’s performance. But where are Timken wheel bearings made? Many people ask us those questions, so we decided to check this out and let you know as well. Wheel bearings are a group of balls or tapers which are held together by a metal ring. … Read more

What Size Is A Brake Bleeder Screw?

What Size Is A Brake Bleeder Screw

Are you bleeding your brakes for the first time? You might have several questions such as “what size is a brake bleeder screw?” or “how does a brake bleeder screw work?” We will answer all such questions in the article below. A brake bleeder screw is exactly how it sounds – it enables bleeding in … Read more

What Does A Clutch Brake Do?

What Does A Clutch Brake Do

You might have heard and seen various parts of the transmission system in your car, but do you know what does a clutch brake do? It’s a very gear-shaped object that helps you transition from neutral to first gear. Read on to know more about transmission systems. Clutch brakes are disc-like structures with friction material … Read more