Alfa Romero Giulia Partners with Clarivoy, Used Car Prices Drop in 2016, and more…

by · February 8, 2017

How Auto Makers Fared During Super Bowl 51 (Auto News)

Going into Super Bowl Sunday, the talk was about social awareness and inspirational themes that automakers would be promoting with their ads.

It appeared the metal-driven formula of traditional car ads wouldn’t be used much this year — and then Alfa Romeo came out of nowhere and burned rubber all over everybody’s screens with three ads for the new Giulia sedan.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles grabbed three slots to showcase the Giulia’s agility while sharing a little of the brand’s heritage with the masses. reports that Alfa Romeo pages on the site experienced a 1,179 percent traffic bounce in the eight minutes after the commercials ran. Meanwhile, visitor traffic for the Giulia on Sunday was up 7,320 percent when compared to traffic over the previous four Sundays.

It was the same story for Alfa Romeo on Edmunds. The Giulia drew an 802 percent traffic increase, the third-highest lift behind the Lexus LC 500’s 1,710 percent and the Kia Niro’s 869 percent jump.

Traffic for Alfa Romeo topped all other brands with a 785 percent bounce.

Kia was the only non-luxury brand in the top five for brand traffic increases on Edmunds., Clarivoy Partner to Upgrade Google Analytics for Dealers (

Attribution is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers today and that is no different for our advertisers — particularly dealers. From one store independents to large, multi-store dealer groups, the challenge of understanding which touch points are influencing consumers throughout their car shopping journey is universal.

At NADA 100 in New Orleans, and Clarivoy announced a partnership that will move the conversation beyond first and last click attribution to answer the question dealers have been asking about their marketing investments: are they working?

Through Clarivoy’s native Google Analytics integration, customers will now be able to see a multi-touch view of the influence their marketing efforts have in today’s multi-touch world. will be making our data available and transparent via Clarivoy, providing our customers the ability to see the influence has on consumers throughout the car buying journey.

Used Car Prices Dropped in 2016. Are you Equipped to Handle the Pricing and Profit Pressure? (MAXDigital)

Over the past year, used-car prices have declined about 4 percent on average compared with 2015. Not just in one or two categories: J.D. Power’s Used Car Guide found that 14 out of 16 categories were affected.

Add to this the growing popularity of new-car leasing. According to Experian Automotive, the auto industry’s increased willingness to offer leases with low monthly payments helped fuel a rise in leasing from 20% of the new-car market in 2011 to nearly 35% currently. This, in turn, has led to a wave of late-model, recently-leased vehicles flooding into used-car lots—according to Manheim Consulting, about 570,000 more than in 2015.

Today, consumers spend hours researching vehicles before they set foot in a showroom. They know what you’ve got, they know what your competitors are charging for similar vehicles, and if your sales team isn’t equipped to answer all their questions, they’ll negotiate hard—cutting into your already-low gross margin.

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