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VIDEO: Attacking Website Visitors, Online Vehicle Checkout, DealerRefresh Podcast, and more…

by · July 21, 2017

AutomoBuzz July 13th, 2017 – In this week’s AutomoBuzz video I introduce the latest the Mini-Webinar we produced for DealerRefresh. I also announce two of the upcoming Refresh Fridays for July 21st and July 28th, and I briefly talk about the FIRST podcast I did for DealerRefresh with my new co-host Chris K Leslie where we talked about my interview with Drive Motors Founder and CEO Aaron Krane where he and I discussed the idea of online vehicle checkout for dealership websites.


Mini-Webinar – Does your website attack visitors?

This DealerRefresh webinar was produced in collaboration with AutoLeadStar’s Ilana Zur back in May. Jeff and Ilana and I discussed the busyness and conflict conflicting calls to action on dealer website pages, especially the homepage and the Vehicle Details Pages. You can watch the mini version of this webinar on the DealerRefresh bog, Does your website attack visitors? and you can view the full version on my YouTube channel.

VIDEO: How to Turn Customers’ Phones Into Cash Registers

Be sure not to miss my second interview on DealerRefresh with Drive Motors Founder & CEO Aaron Krane How to Turn Customers’ Phones Into Cash Registers. In this 10-minute video you will hear Aaron’s simple and straight forward message to dealers:

You know that thing that the Internet is really good at, buying stuff? Let’s apply that to the most expensive stuff anyone wants to buy…new cars. -Aaron Krane, Drive Motors.

This is accomplished by giving dealers and consumers a simple yet intelligent tool that integrates seamlessly with the dealership website, inventory, and their back office.

Aaron explains how the online checkout system needs to compliment the buying process, not turn it upside down. People are accustomed to buying things online and this has become an expectation for them. At the end of the day, the goal of an online checkout system is to give dealerships the competitive advantage.

The DealerRefresh Podcast – “In the Mix”

As you might imagine, I’m excited to announce the all-new DealerRefresh Podcast – “In the Mix” which at this time is being hosted on Soundcloud and is available on iTunes and Google Play. The podcast is a joint effort with me and my co-host Chris K Leslie, a Senior Refresher who also co-hosts another podcast called No Parking.

The DealerRefresh Podcast is a significant milestone for us because it’s something we’ve been striving towards for more than a year now and it’s giving us a way to package and repurpose the best of what’s going on at DealerRefresh while also adding fresh perspectives and a new voice.

In our first episode we dive deeper into the subject of Online Vehicle Checkout and my interview with Aaron Krane. Please check it out!

Upcoming Refresh Fridays

On Friday, July 21st, our guest on Refresh Friday will be Subi Ghosh, Founding Board Member of Women in Automotive. We will discuss with her the highlights from this month’s conference in Orlando and what’s to come.

On Friday, July 28th, we’ll be continuing the conversation about online vehicle checkout on dealership websites with guests Chris K Leslie and Ed Brooks. We’ll also discuss Ed’s latest video on the subject and compare and contrast with my recent interview with Drive Motors Founder and CEO, Aaron Krane.

By the way, you can subscribe to be notified of all Refresh Fridays by going here.

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