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VIDEO: Will Uber Fail? All-New Mini Webinars, Social Incentives, and more…

by · June 21, 2017

AutomoBuzz June 16th, 2017 – In this week’s AutomoBuzz Video, I introduce the new mini webinars we’ve been rolling out on DealerRefresh, among which this week includes Four Elements to Running a More Profitable Buy Center. I also talk briefly about my latest post on AutoConversion “Is Uber Doomed to Fail? and I unveil some awesome new sponsored content on DealerRefresh around social incentives, leveraging online reviews, and more.

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Is Uber Doomed to fail?

You probably can’t avoid hearing about all of Uber’s woes, which have now resulted in the CEO Travis Kalanick, taking a leave of absence. After multiple PR mishaps including legal issues around sexual harassment within the company, Uber is taking some bad hits right now. So many that one has to as – Will Uber make it through this? Chances are, yes, but I’d love to hear what you think too. [Read My Article on AutoConversion]

Mini Webinars on DealerRefresh

Be sure to check out the Mini Webinars on DealerRefresh. These condensed versions of the various webinars we conduct are being created with the goal of giving you a taste of what we discussed in hopes that you will want to view the full recording, which we are trimming down a bit for you as well and making available on YouTube.

VIDEO: Four Elements to running a more profitable buy center

In this mini webinar I am with Aaron Gomez, Tom Gregg, and Gary Wade as we discuss how dealers need to have a proactive strategy in their approach to buying used cars. Aaron Gomez explains how he acquires used cars directly from consumers and uses Facebook to create excitement around those relationships.

VIDEO: Is Your Website Attacking Visitors?

This question you’ll be able to answer after you’ve watched this mini-webinar with Ilana Zur from AutoLeadStar. Learn how to make your website more appealing to your visitors and how to tighten up your vehicle details pages.

Pumping up market share through social incentives

This is the latest case study from AutoHook. Their integration with Social Dealer enabled a dealership to grow its market share through a social incentives program. For more of the juicy details check out the post on How to “Pump Up Market Share Using Social Incentives” along with the AutoHook Case Study.

Want to know how to get more business with online reviews?

Read the latest DealerRefresh Free Dealer Guide: Leveraging Online Reviews for a Competitive Edge. The step by step guide by Dealer Rater will get you up and running in no time.

The secret of a great car business – meeting people where their needs are

In this post, you can watch the interview with George Grubbs, CEO of Grubbs Automotive Group. He and his family have been selling cars since the 1940s, so they know a few things about developing relationships that turn into sales now and for years to come.

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