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VIDEO: Refresh Friday with Brent Durham, New Webinar Recordings, and more…

by · May 22, 2017

There’s a lot going on in the auto retail business, but there’s nothing like what we have going on here on BlogPro. Although I’ve been producing these “Casual B2B” videos since March, I’m declaring this the second official video within the AutomoBuzz Series, where I attempt to capture more than a week’s worth of information into a webinar-like video in under 5 minutes. This way you can quickly see which content we’ve released recently, and what is on its way.

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First Official ‘Refresh Friday’ w/ DealerRefresh

The first official Refresh Friday with DealerRefresh was May 19 where Founder Jeff Kershner and I met with “Big” Tom LaPointe who broadcast remotely with Brent Durham from Preston Ford. We talked about Ford’s survival of the recession, Tesla’s electric cars growing in popularity, and local car dealer approach to internet marketing. It was an insightful chat for all of us, check it out on the DealerRefresh Facebook Page.

New Webinar Recordings

DealerRefresh – Personal Branding for Auto Sales Professionals

Whether you’re just starting out as an Auto Sales Professional, or you’re a seasoned veteran, be sure to check out this webinar recording with special guest Mike Columbus, a true Honda Sales Pro. Jeff and Mike and I get into why auto sales professionals would want to build their personal brand and some ideas Mike applies to help get you going. [View Full Recording on YouTube]

AutoConversion – How Anonymous Site Visitor Tracking Leads to B2B Sales

In this webinar I am joined by Lead Forensics VP Chris Murray. During this session, Chris and I lay down the facts on how Lead Forensics anonymous site tracking leads to more sales for your B2B business. AutoConversion has a unique partnership with Lead Forensics which plays a significant role in the unique advertising product offered by AutoConversion which is designed to help grow B2B businesses in the automotive industry. [View FB Live Recording Here]

Mini Webinar Versions Coming Soon

As we roll out these new webinar programs with DealerRefresh and AutoConversion, a ton of new video content is coming out. Me and my team are working on a process where we can trim the webinar recordings and get blog posts out that include written summaries and condensed versions of each webinar. In this AutomoBuzz video I address this around the last two DealerRefresh webinars with Ian Cruickshank and Ilana Zur.

More Automotive B2B Videos

Want more? I have a growing playlist of these videos in a playlist on my YouTube channel you can watch anytime you like. We also have a new tag here on BlogPro for AutomoBuzz so you can easily access all posts within the series. If you have ideas or special requests then be sure to let me know so we can incorporate them into the videos. Thanks for tuning in.

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