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17 May

TrueCar Aims to Give Customers Transparency – But What Does it Mean for Dealers?

by Ryan G

There’s no denying that consumers want to be more involved and well-informed before making big purchases.  Comparison shopping and online research has become the norm for people before they buy anything from stereos and home appliances to motorcycles and cars.  For  those shopping around for a new car, that has traditionally meant checking out safety Read More…

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12 Apr

Google Searches Reveal Auto Trends, Podium signs on with CDK, GM to Manufacture Autonomous Cars

by Ryan G

Google Searches Reveal Auto Trends (Media Post) With so many car brands available on the market today, most Americans turn to Google to view pictures, read reviews, and find details on the vehicle they’re interested in purchasing. Yonkers Honda wanted to show how these Google searches have evolved over time so they put together a Read More…

22 Mar

Dealers Losing Out with Gen Y in Service, Online Shopping Trends from Google, What a Fiat VW Merger Looks Like

by Ryan G

Dealers lose $380K over missed service opportunities with Gen Y (Auto Remarketing) Dealerships are losing an average $380,000 annually in service revenue as a result of missed opportunities to digitally engage with and retain millennial car buyers, according to a study released by AutoLoop on Tuesday. As the purchasing power of this key demographic expands, Read More…

08 Mar Influencer Summit, VDP Analytics for Dealers, and more…

by Ryan G

Simplifying Attribution to Propel Efficiencies and Profits (DealerRefresh) 2017 Influencer Summit On February 9th, 2017, thirteen industry players from outside the family descended upon the Sheraton Grand in Downtown Chicago for a one-day roundtable discussion to explore these ideas and how the industry can lock arms to bring solutions to dealers. During this Read More…

18 Aug

How to Build Trust and Credibility with Customers Through Texting

by Nathan Anderson

Everyone has expectations on how a text conversation should work. There are distinct differences in how we communicate via text among friends and family, colleagues and co-workers, and businesses and customers. For dealerships specifically, text (or SMS) communications between customers, employees, and departments is wrought with difficulty.   Intuitively we know that text messages should Read More…