Razor Blade In Tire: What Should You Do?

Razor Blade In Tire

Got a razor blade in tire and not sure how to handle it? We look at what you can do about it in the article below. So, you’re driving your car and hear an ominous thumping sound. You get out to check, and there is a razor blade lodged in your tire—what do you do? … Read more

Ozone Generator Ruined My Car: Is It Possible?

Ozone Generator Ruined My Car

Meta: Is it possible that an ozone generator ruined my car? Or are these devices completely harmless? In this article, we explain why ozone generators should always be used with caution. An ozone generator produces oxygen with three atoms in each molecule rather than the two atoms that are found in typical oxygen molecules. Ozone … Read more

No Power to Dash or Ignition: 9 Possible Reasons

No Power to Dash or Ignition

Having no power to dash or ignition system can make you panic, and you might need to look at various components of your vehicle to check whether it’s working effectively. The main reason behind why this happens can be no electrical power to the dashboard lights or ignition system.  For instance, a bad alternator or … Read more