Spongy Brake Pedal When Engine Running – What to Do?

When your brake pedal doesn’t have adequate pressure, it becomes dangerous. Let’s discuss the reasons for a spongy brake pedal when engine running in detail. Brakes are a vital component of your vehicle. A proper braking system in your four-wheel vehicle ensures that your car stops at the appropriate time.  If your brakes are worn out … Read more

Why Does My Brake Pedal Squeak

Why does my brake pedal squeak? This may be because of the worn brake pads or some other cause. You need to fix the brake immediately if you have this issue. Read on to know more. Do you hear a squeaking sound whenever you press and then release your brake? This probably means your brake … Read more

Idle Drops When Brake Is Pressed – What to Do?

Do you get idle drops when brake is pressed in traffic or while waiting at a stoplight? This article will help you diagnose the problem Idle drop is actually a pretty common issue in most cars and motorbikes, especially when you press the brake. The idle drop makes your automobile stall instead of slowing when … Read more