What Color Should Power Steering Fluid Be

What color should power steering fluid be? Read on to know more about the different colors of power steering fluid.  Your vehicle uses power steering fluid so that the steering works smoothly. If you wonder what color indicates power steering fluid is working fine, the following sections will be quite helpful.    Does the Color … Read more

Why Is My Brake Fluid Green?

Why Is My Brake Fluid Green? Green fluid means that your fluid is leaking somewhere, and you need to take steps to stop the leakage immediately.  As we all know, motor oil, which is brake fluid, may leak out of your vehicle after a certain period of usage; while it leaks, you may feel the … Read more

Can’t Build Pressure When Bleeding Brakes

If your brakes are getting spongy, you might try bleeding your brakes. But what happens if you can’t build pressure when bleeding brakes, despite several tries? Read on to know what to do. Air or moisture inside your brake fluid makes your brakes soft and, therefore, ineffective for braking. Bleeding brakes is the process of … Read more

Spongy Brake Pedal When Engine Running

When your brake pedal doesn’t have adequate pressure, it becomes dangerous. Let’s discuss the reasons for a spongy brake pedal when engine running in detail. Brakes are a vital component of your vehicle. A proper braking system in your four-wheel vehicle ensures that your car stops at the appropriate time.  If your brakes are worn out … Read more

Brakes Make Grinding Noise When Backing Up

We often hear one problem on our comment board: “my brakes make grinding noise when backing up.” We decided to share the key reasons why this happens and what you should do to stop it. It is a safety concern when you hear grinding noise while driving the vehicle or applying the brake anytime. Similarly, … Read more