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18 May

Customer Loyalty for Auto Retailers – How Rewards and Incentives Can Make a Difference

by Ryan G

Loyalty programs seem to be everywhere now.  From gas stations and grocery stores to boutique bakeries and car washes, everyone seems to be getting in on loyalty programs as a way to boost business.  As loyalty programs have grown, so has their compatibility. These days, it’s possible to design a loyalty program that benefits both Read More…

26 Apr

VIDEO: The Benefits of a Used Vehicle Disposition Strategy

by Ryan G

In the used car business, having a defined strategy for vehicle disposition, that is, how you move the vehicle off your lot, reduces confusion, increases efficiency, and makes your pricing strategies more effective. An effective disposition strategy also keeps avenues outside of standard retail in the forefront of your mind. At the time of purchase (acquisition), knowing the market days Read More…

06 Apr

VIDEO: Personal Branding in Auto Retail, Choosing Your Sales Rep, and more…

by Ryan G

Brief overview of the conversation we had in April 2018 LIVE “On Air” with Mike “The Car Guy” Correra and Mike Phillips from Lead the Team, as well as first-time guest Ben Adler. The show begins with a report by Mike P from the Innovative Dealer Summit in Denver. We then do a brief recap Read More…

05 Mar

VIDEO: Sell More Cars By Differentiating the Online Vehicle Trade-in Experience on Your Dealership Website

by Ryan G

The four-square write-up is almost as old as the car business, and the ability for dealers to differentiate themselves from the competition has become a challenge. But by implementing a write-up focused marketing strategy on your website that leverages the latest technologies to customize the experience, your dealership website can convert more leads and ultimately Read More…

02 Mar

VIDEO: Guide to Video Marketing for Auto Dealers – Interview with Tim James

by Ryan G

Dealers are doing a lot of great things these days with video. From customer testimonial videos to personalized walk around videos and vehicle inventory videos, there is no doubt that videos play a vital role with your dealership marketing, and dealers understand this. What’s missing however for many dealers is a wholly integrated video marketing Read More…

12 Dec

VIDEO: 5-Step Roadmap to Selling OEM Parts Online at Your Dealership

by Ryan G

Selling OEM parts and accessories online at your dealership can be a terrific revenue stream that can lead not only to more customers and better recognition, but also an increase in profitability. In this brief video, you get a glimpse at how we break down a roadmap your team can follow to launch a profitable Read More…