How Long Does an Alternator Last?

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of cars, as a driver you likely will have heard the word ‘alternator’ before. It is an essential part of your car’s engine and without an alternator, the car would not run. The battery provides electricity to start the car’s motor, once the car is running it is … Read more

Can I Drive with a Bad Knock Sensor?

The engine of your car is constructed with lots of different parts that work together to allow the engine to operate as it should. The knock sensor (colloquially also called the nox sensor) is one of these essential components. But what exactly is a knock sensor? What are the signs that it has gone bad? … Read more

What Color is Power Steering Fluid?

Vehicles will either have power steering or manual steering. However, most modern cars usually have power steering, which has been around for 50 years or so. Power steering is the function that allows you to turn the steering wheel with ease to enhance the driver’s experience. There are two types of power steering. These are … Read more

How Much Does A Smart Car Weigh?

Smart Cars have experienced their fair share of controversy since their initial release in 1998. A lot of this is due to the size of these cars. Next to any traditional 3 door car, the Smart Car looks minuscule. These small cars by Daimler-Benz have often been criticized for being ‘too small to be safe’. … Read more

How to Start a Car with a Bad Starter

A bad starter is one of the most common issues that cars have, especially in older models of vehicles. The introduction of electric cars will likely bring a stop to this once they become more accessible and popular, but for now, we’re stuck with cars that develop starting issues.  If your car refuses to start, … Read more

How Much Does a Car Battery Weigh?

The thing about car batteries is that you don’t move them until they’re damaged or need replacing.  If you’re the diligent kind, you might check the acid levels every so often, top up the water levels, or clean off the batteries. For most of us, however, we only take a look at the battery when … Read more

How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car? 6 methods

All weed smokers know that that stuff can stink out your home, your clothes, and of course, your car in seconds! It just clings to everything and whilst we might like that, it can quickly spell trouble if our cars just reek of the stuff. That is because it can really get deep into your … Read more

How Bad Are Primewell Tires?

What Does Owl Mean On Tires

Primewell tires have become a relatively new brand of tire on the North American automobile market and it already has a very confusing and polarising reputation. In other markets around the world, Primewell is associated with Giti tires, which are a company in Singapore that became the 11th largest tire manufacturer in 2019. Among all … Read more

How to Bypass Limp Mode

If you own a car, you will likely have come into contact with limp mode at some point in your driving experience. Most modern cars have this feature installed as a self-preservation technique to protect the engine from further damage. But what exactly is limp mode?  Limp mode is a security feature that is included … Read more

How Far Can You Drive on a Flat Tire?

Getting a flat tire on the highway can be incredibly dangerous. The good news is that if you know how to cope with this situation it becomes a lot less dangerous.  In this article, we’re going to talk you through everything you need to know about getting a flat tire whilst driving. We’re also going … Read more