How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Radiator?

There’s nothing worse than unexpected car problems. They’re often expensive to fix and might leave you without your car for a couple of days.  One of the main problems when it comes to cars is that most of us don’t understand our cars well enough to prevent problems or to catch them early. Often we … Read more

How Long Do Drum Brakes Last?

An essential part of any vehicle is the brakes. They are as vital a component as the accelerator or the engine and incredibly important for safety. Drum brakes are no different from regular brakes. They complete the exact same job of applying pressure to the wheel cylinders and actively slow the speed that the vehicle … Read more

How Many Axles on a Car?

On standard civilian cars, there will be 2 sets of axles. One is located at the front of the car connecting the 2 front wheels, and the other at the back connecting the 2 rear wheels. Stretch limousines will often have 3 sets of wheels and therefore will contain 3 sets of axles. Axles are … Read more

How To Do A Burnout In An Automatic

If you feel like it’s going to work, do it. If it doesn’t, get out as quick as you can – Richard Rawlings Hot rodding folklore and muscle car mythology have sold the wholesale idea that you can’t really do much of anything in an automatic car except slip it into drive and head toward … Read more

What Is Limp Mode?

As a car owner, you will be well aware that things can often go wrong. Cars are just big machines so it’s unsurprising that throughout their lifetime they will encounter errors. But as well as errors, vehicles also have fail-safes. These protect our cars from further damage, but they do not fix the problem. Today … Read more

What Does V6 Mean?

It’s a massive motor in a tiny lightweight car – Carol Shelby Humans are endlessly fascinated by, and addicted to, speed. Modern history has been partially shaped by our need to go further and faster than we ever could and to reach toward and break through the land, air, and water speed records that we … Read more

What Causes High Oil Pressure?

How Long Can I Drive On 0 Oil Life

Oil is essential for the operation of our car’s, it works to lubricate the surface of parts, and also provides essential resistance to the engine. Our vehicles have systems that measure the amount of oil that is circulating within the car’s engine and also determine the oil pressure. These are known as oil pressure gauges … Read more

What Does Antifreeze Smell Like?

What does antifreeze smell like?

Antifreeze is a liquid that is mixed with water to increase the boiling point of an engine, ultimately preventing it from overheating as the outdoor temperatures change. As a result of an increased boiling point, the coolant temperature will be higher. This coolant makes its way through the engine to ensure that a regulated temperature … Read more

How Much to Tip Car Wash

Washing your car is a very important step in maintaining your vehicle. Keeping it clean is a great way to prevent any damage to the exterior of your car. A build-up of residue and dirt can negatively affect your paint job and you don’t want that, do you? The cheapest way to clean your car … Read more

What Color Should Transmission Fluid Be?

Transmission fluid is an essential feature in all automatic transmission vehicles. This fluid is specially designed for vehicles which self-shift gears, and will not be found in manual transmission cars. It is uniquely designed for automatic transmission cars and the special requirements they have, including valve operation, torque converter, brake band friction, and gear lubrication. … Read more