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24 Mar Introduces Breakthrough Software for Car Dealers with Social Relationship Management Tool

by Ryan G

Earlier this week held a webinar to introduce its new Social Relationship Manager tool, or SRM. I did not attend but I did spend some time on an in-depth review of it by Brian Pasch, who has a knack for breaking things like this down in to its components. I don’t know how much Read More…

31 May

Online reputation management for automotive sales professionals

by Ryan G

As the hum drum of social media marches on across the auto industry, a new approach to selling cars on the web has begun emerging. I don’t know what it will be called but it is based on the idea of building brand equity into individual sales professionals working for an auto dealership, much like Read More…

05 Jan

How to blacklist spammers on your WordPress blog

by Ryan G

Recently we had a spam bot bombard one of the blogs here on BlogPro and so we had to blacklist the IP addresses from where this bot originated. Blacklisting IPs, or anything for that matter such as specific words, phrases, email addresses, etc., is quite simple to do and this video tutorial walks you through Read More…

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14 Aug

How to create and edit pages in WordPress

by Ryan G

This video tutorial shows how to create a new page in WordPress and how to update or modify it or other existing pages. The process is as simple as crafting an email message. First you log in to your WordPress site. BlogPro Automotive runs on WordPress so if you are in the auto industry and Read More…

14 May

Using Hana Code Insert to display an iFrame in WordPress

by Adam

This video shows how to use Hana Code Insert to to incorporate an iFrame into your WordPress blog.Hana Code Inserts are handy because it permits you to display any level of HTML, JavaScript, and other client-side web programming into your posts and pages whereas without it you will likely find that your code does not Read More…