VIDEO: Good Times at NADA 2016 (with B-Roll)

by · April 18, 2016

There was a ton of good buzz around NADA 2016 in Las Vegas. Multiple people I spoke with told me it was their most successful NADA event in a while. I too had a terrific experience, conducting interviews, making new friends, and catching up with others.

Click to watch "Good Times at NADA 2016 by Ryan Gerardi"

Below is a video I made showing some of the fun we had doing interviews and meet and greets. It’s about 4 minutes in length with some good upbeat background music from South Hill Records. The last minute of the video is B-roll footage, which is good for a few smiles and laughs.

Enjoy and please share with your friends. Also, text ‘nada’ to 555888 for fun and informative event updates from AutoConversion.

Included in the video are:

Bill Wittenmyer (ELEAD1ONE), Don O’Neill (CreditMiner),

Caroline Schweich (Fizz Communications), Scott Pechstein (Autobytel),

Tara Wagoner (Autobytel), Keith Gaytan (Automotive Mobile Solutions)

Shane Born (ProMax), Craig Lockerd (AutoMax),

Sara Callahan (Carter West PR), Bruce Thompson (Pearl Technology),

Erik Nachbar (Helios), Jennifer Suzuki (e-Dealer Solutions),

Amanda Hubbard (GoMoto), Karla Buendia (Autobytel),

Tim James (Flick Fusion), Gina Reuscher (Flick Fusion),

Shawn Foster (DealerStrong) , Jeff Kershner (DealerRefresh),

Melissa Maxey (ELEADONE), April Rain (Digital Rain),

Cliff Banks (Banks Report), David Metter (AutoHook),

Ken Potter (The Appraisal Lane), Harry Siskand (AutoSpin),

Casey Ching (Servco), Christine Picchietti (

Christian Ziegler (Dealers United), Barry Brodsky (eAutoAppraise)

Marc Peckler (MAX Digital), Joey Little (Auto Alert)

Danny Benites (Comedian), Mark Tewart (Consultant)

Evan Berney (CarBiz)

Danny Orleans (Corporate Magic)


Ryan is a creative, resourceful, and resilient B2B sales and marketing technologist who works with people and businesses on a variety of levels to help elevate their game, their brand, and their businesses. Text ‘autoconversion’ to 555888 to opt in and receive text communications from Ryan @ AutoConversion.



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