How to build a text-based mobile website

by · May 19, 2010

In February 2010 we looked at how to use the text-based coupon codes in the CMP Mobile system. Prior to that we looked at the key components of the CMP Mobile system. These included how to create a group, create a keyword campaign, set an auto responder, and more. This month CMP Mobile is back with a third demonstration on the basics of their text-messaging system.

In this final demonstration in the series that began in January 2010, Guest Presenter Brian Collins will be showing us:

  • Why mobile sites are important today
  • How to create a mobile website within the CMP Mobile system
  • How to generate a URL for your mobile site
  • How to shorten the URL to insert into text message campaign
  • How to insert URL in text message campaign

By the end we will have created a mobile website on the fly that you will be able to view on your mobile phone. Webinar attendees will have an opportunity to test the mobile system live by opting in to receive this link to the mobile web page from their phone so if you can not text while on a call with your mobile phone then you will want to call in using a different phone so you can participate in the live demo. For questions about this please contact us.

SPECIAL: Text AUTOBURST to 41513 from your mobile and show up for this web cast and receive a free mobile website for your business for 30 days.

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