NADA 100 New Orleans Video by Ryan Gerardi

NADA 100 New Orleans 2017 Video Compilation by AutoBurst Media

by · February 20, 2017

NADA in New Orleans is significant for me in that the first NADA convention I ever attend was in New Orleans in 2002 while working with HomeNet. Since then I’ve missed only three NADA conventions and it was great to be back in New Orleans again, a city I’ve grown to love over the years having been there numerous times since, including NADA 2014 when I was working with SOCIALDEALER.

As explained in my recent post about about NADA 100 where I feature my 10 Best Facebook Live Recordings, I took a unique approach to NADA this time around than I had in previous years. My primary focus this year was to produce live broadcasts on Facebook for both AutoConversion and DealerRefresh. Because of this I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to produce a compilation video like I did last year in 2016 and also in 2012 when I was working with HookLogic, but I was able to after all and I think it came out pretty good.

To accomplish the Facebook Live broadcasts I had to come up with an entirely new outfit for broadcasting, which resulted in my use of the iPhone 7 Plus because it could produce the professional level of quality I needed and also seamlessly broadcast on Facebook. You may be surprised at what few options are available to do this. I had to invest into some special equipment to pull this off.

If you’ve never been involved with filmmaking or video production then you may not appreciate the effort it takes to do an event like NADA, capturing moments (photo and video), getting people to participate, broadcasting live, all while you’re also networking for your business. It’s a challenge that I enjoy, complete with blunders and bloopers and unexpected outcomes, but fun and highly productive for me overall.

About the Footage

As you will see from the video, just about all the footage is done in portrait view because that’s how you broadcast with Facebook Live. With exception to the photos and a few video clips done in landscape view, the portrait clips I cropped and formatted for this video.

Some of the clips you will see are fuzzy or pixelated. This may or may not have been due to bandwidth issues while broadcasting, or it could be the result of movement behind my subjects on camera. When broadcasting live on Facebook through the iPhone, zooming and focusing with the lens is not an option.

Everything in the video is my own material, photo and video, all done on the iPhone 7 Plus and edited using iMovie.  The audio track I obtained from the YouTube Capture app and is royalty-free.

Please enjoy and share with friends. I will be uploading this directly to Facebook as well.