NADA 2012 Wrap up Video with HookLogic and Friends

by · March 4, 2012

The annual NADA exposition is a measurement of time for professionals in the auto industry. A stark contrast to the SEMA Show, NADA concentrates on the franchise dealer business and its ancillary vendor community.

Complete with geniuses, lackeys, one-hit wonders, and veteran players, the NADA circuit is certainly its own society. Somehow, back in 2002 by chance and with luck I stumbled in to my first NADA expo. It was in New Orleans and it was with 3 of the original “HomeNet Five” – Jesse Biter, Greg Hassler, and Joe McKenzie. It was a memorable experience and I made it back 7 years in a row as HomeNet continued to grow.

The last time I attended NADA however, was 2008 in San Francisco, so I missed 3 consecutive years.

When I attended NADA this year in Las Vegas representing HookLogic, I kept an eye out for vendor booths in the blogging and social media space because I was curious to see how much representation of it there would be.

What I found though was very little and I wrote about it on a post called “The Infant Space of Blogging and Social Media” where I talk about three companies that already have something good and authentic brewing, but not without their challenges ahead.

In addition to this I also produced a video of our time there for HookLogic and in the process of doing so I made this B-side version of the same video. Enjoy and good times to all those I got to chill with.




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