Tips for publishing and optimizing your videos on Viddler

by · March 16, 2010 is a video hosting and streaming service that offers a free plan and great community that helps people and businesses benefit from video on the web. Used for both personal and commercial use, Viddler is rich in features, capabilities, and reliability.

In our last video-focused webinar we looked at How to publish video to Brightcove and several months ago we offered some tips and advice on preparing to make videos for the web in general.

This week we are pleased to welcome our friend Roger Stix of Atlanta Business Video as our guest presenter who will share with us some tips for getting your final videos to the web using Viddler. Roger is the chief Producer at ABV and has extensive experience in video production, publishing, and syndication. is a video hosting and streaming service that many people and business utilize.

AtlantaBusinessVideo.comStix will give us insight on formatting your videos properly for the web depending on intended actual use. He then will walk us through the process of publishing videos to your Viddler account. Viddler is not the only place to publish videos but it is some good features and benefits worth exploring.

While there Stix will give us pointers for optimizing your videos based on intended target audience, plus some more subtle capabilities of the Viddler system that could be handy.

All-in-all, the game plan for this week’s AC Video Webinar is:

  • Preparing your video for the web
  • Uploading and publishing your videos to
  • Naming, titling, & optimizing your videos
  • Useful Viddler tools
  • Please join us for this insightful look at the Viddler system this Thursday March 18 at 11:30 am EST. We will begin with a brief orientation of the AC Webinar series and registration process before handing the controls over to Roger for his presentation which should last about 30-40 minutes.

    To register for this event use the button below. If you are already registered with the AC Video Webinar series then there is no need to re-register. Likewise if you have an interest in video but can not make this particular webinar, click here to view our schedule of events.

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    For questions or assistance please contact us. Thank you.

    Producer and Host of the AutoConverse Future Mobility & Connectivity Podcast, Ryan began working in the automotive industry in 2001, establishing his roots in online vehicle merchandising before expanding into digital marketing and now multi media for Automotive B2B. You can connect with Ryan on LinkedIn.



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