Using Friend Lists in Facebook to drive sales leads

by · April 12, 2010

FacebookDespite the rapid embrace by auto dealers to pick up Facebook as part of their digital marketing strategy, there still is a large number of people uncomfortable and not familiar with the use of Facebook, be it for personal or business use. As a result, many people are not able to benefit from the full capabilities of one of the world’s more useful social marketing tools.

Some people struggle with the idea of a single system being utilized for both personal and professional use. Many people do not understand the intricate sharing capabilities of your information on Facebook, that you can post information to be shared with only the people you choose.

For instance, you may want to post commentary on an article that only your auto industry buddies might enjoy, but your prospective customer friends might not need to see that. Maybe you want to post pictures of your kid’s birthday party but you don’t want ALL of your Facebook friends seeing it. Only family members and people that were there.

These are common situations we all have and fortunately Facebook is designed for you to share only what you want and with whom.

One way to achieve this is by using the Lists feature in the Friends section. The List feature enables you to create a variety of lists for various purposes. For instance, you could create lists for people you went to school with, people you work with, people you meet online that are prospective customers, whatever you feel the need for you can create a list for that. You can associate the same person to more than one list and you can create as many layers and combinations you like.

For instance, I have a list called “Pic Friends” which I add friends to when I am comfortable that they would see photos I post, like of my kids especially. I also have a list called “Virtual Buddies” which are people I have never met and do not know much about, but somehow became connected. I don’t need pics of my kids in the browsers of people I do not know well, but I may still want to share harmless fun with them. Lists are perfect for this.

Later this week in our AC List Builder Webinar series we will be exploring the basic use of Lists in Facebook. In this free webinar we will cover…

  • How to create a list
  • How to add Friends to lists
  • How to share Wall Posts with lists
  • How to share Photos with lists
  • How to send Messages to lists

These core functions in Facebook are highly useful and with a little bit of effort can prove extremely useful, especially when you want to send a message out to more than 20 Friends. By keeping your lists limited to 20 people you can more easily send messages to large groups of the right people.

Join us LIVE this Thursday April 15 at 11:30 am EST by registering for the AC List Builder Series. If you are already registered then you will receive an email reminder from GoToWebinar with your access to the training session. If you are not registered then click here or the button below to receive your private link. By registering you will receive an email for each webinar within the AC List Builder Series which is about every 6 weeks. There is no obligation to attend this or any webinar within the series and you may remove yourself from the series email at any time.

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  1. Missy Jensen says:

    Do you have this webinar available for replay? I missed it and I would love to get the insights!


  2. Ryan G says:

    Hi Missy absolutely. We record them all and then release an edited version that packs it down into about 5-6 minutes. I fell behind on our edited versions but should have them all up soon enough ok. Will keep you posted and thanks for participating.

  3. Ryan G says:

    Missy in case you did not see my Tweet response about this, the edited version of this webinar is now available on the homepage. Alternatively you can visit our Viddler channel where we publish them too. Visit our training page for link: