Vegas 2012 Fall Automotive Conferences Gear Up

by · October 17, 2012

We are less than one week away from Fall conference season in Las Vegas. From Sunday October 21 through Friday October 26, DrivingSales, Digital Dealer, and JD Power will be running their annual Vegas conferences.

For some, hitting one or more of these conferences will be a first-time experience. For others it is a regular thing. Some in the industry believe it or not, are unaware of the events all together. If that’s you then it’s a good thing you are reading this because you really should know about these industry staples.

DrivingSales Executive Summit
The big ticket this year for the 4th Annual DrivingSales Executive Summit at the Bellagio is probably keynote speaker Billy Beane, GM of MLB Baseball team the Oakland Athletics. Billy Beane is one of the most progressive and talented baseball executives in the game today. Put simply, he is an operational genius, and his message will resonate with the progressive dealers at DSES because they are always the first in our industry to embrace the innovative strategies that move our industry forward.

DSES: Innovation Cup
Also at DSES is the Innovation Cup for which this year my employer HookLogic is a finalist. The DrivingSales Innovation Cup is an annual dealer-based contest that aims to uncover the auto industry’s “Most Innovative Solution”. Any solution provider can apply, but only six are chosen to to compete head-to-head and live onstage with a brief presentation. HookLogic Automotive President David Metter will be presenting and if you have ever seen his presentation skills you know you can count on a strong performance. Good luck David and congrats to HookLogic for becoming a finalist.

DSES: Secrets of Email
In addition to HookLogic’s chance at winning, our VP of Sales Jeff Kershner will also be presenting at DSES. Kershner’s gig with Malinda Terreri of 1to1 News is called Secrets of the Inbox: The New Evolution of Email.

Email marketing continues to be the number one online marketing channel for all departments of your dealership. Its bigger than paid search, it’s bigger than social media and bigger than SEO. But it is changing. There are new rules for getting into the inbox AND getting your prospects and customers engaged. Does your email marketing deliver?

As promised from these two speakers, you are going to walk away from our session with the newest hands-on tools and techniques that you can take back to the dealership and execute.

Digital Dealer 13
When the Digital Dealer Conference first got started back in 2006-2007, the Internet was still very new territory for auto dealers. The conference was meant to be an educational conference and expo dedicated to Internet and technology solutions for franchised dealers and managers and it has pretty much become the leading conference of its kind, although there is some strong competition now nipping on its heels, including DSES, and some vocal adversaries.

DD13: Taking an app store approach to vendor selection
This year at DD13 HookLogic is leading an interesting session called Learning from the Best Practices of Apple where HookLogic Automotive President David Metter will be facilitating a workshop using the analogy of the iPhone and the app store as a cool way to describe HookLogic’s API/partnership approach with several of HookLogic’s API partners.

This particular session is guaranteed to be one of the more exciting workshops of the entire event happening in Session #226 at 2:30 on Wednesday October 24 in Grand Ballroom E. Guest appearance at this workshop include Jason Ezell (Dataium), Andrew Price (Contact At Once), Len Ostroff (Authntk), Amir Rezvani (DealerOn), Jeremy Anspach (PureCars), and Brad Korner (Polk).

What action items will attendees take back to their dealerships from this session?

  1. Develop a strategy to leverage their existing technology providers and deliver a great executable to sell and service more customers.
  2. Allow Internet managers and dealers to spend their time and energy on selling cars
  3. Lower a dealer’s cost per sale and raise market share

DD13: The Impact of Incentivizing HOT Leads…A Case Study
Also at DD13 there will be me presenting a recent case study that I helped do with Polk and HookLogic. In this case study we evaluated the impact of incentivizing hot and warm leads compared with not incentivizing these leads. The results are in and the benefit for incentivizing the right leads is clear, so if you’d like to see how and why then be sure to hit my Session #325 at High Noon on Thursday October 25 in the Jamaica Room. Considering this is the very last session of the conference, I may really need some bodies there. Who goes to the last workshop anyway?

J.D. Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable
Finally there is one of the industry’s most significant marketing events, the 3-day Automotive Marketing Roundtable by J.D. Power & Associates. This is probably the most elite events in my opinion where auto industry experts and thought leaders from around the globe share their insights and proven techniques through engaging multimedia presentations and moderated panel discussions. Last year over 1200 industry professionals came together to learn how to leverage the marketing potential of the internet and increase sales.

HookLogic is sponsoring a breakfast on Tuesday morning so I will be there in the early part of that day, but other than that I will probably be tied up at DD13. For more information about this event visit the Automotive Marketing Roundtable page on J.D. Power’s website.