DDR23 Interviews Video

VIDEO: Interviews, Montage, and More from Digital Dealer 23 Las Vegas

by · October 2, 2017

Here are my videos from Digital Dealer 23 in Las Vegas, along with links to all my Facebook Live interviews on DealerRefresh. The embedded videos include:

  • Montage Compilation (4:49)
  • LotLinx Bellagio Party (2:28)
  • DealerRefresh Panel (18:10)

The montage compilation videos consists of footage almost entirely from inside the expo hall at Paris Casino & Resort, but also intermingles pictures and video clips from the LotLinx Bellagio party and the DD23 VIP Party, the former of which when you scroll down you will see there is a video of that party alone.

The “panel” video is a trimmed version of the panel discussion we held on Monday where we talked about the 3 key topics. Hopefully you will appreciate that I reduced this from 50 minutes to under 20 for you.

  • Automotive Attribution: How is it changing? Is Attribution for Sales or Marketing (or both)?
  • Automotive E-Commerce: What is it and what is the REAL debate?
  • Vendor Accountability: What do dealers need and expect from industry vendors?

Here is the promotional video we made to for the panel.

Thank you to everyone that helped and participated. It’s always a thrill being at this event and reconnecting with everyone.

If you don’t find it marvelous that the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo consistently draws more than a thousand dealers twice a year to its events, then you might not be appreciating what it takes to accomplish this. Having attended nearly all of the Digital Dealer events since inception, the landscape has become second nature for me, and the people have become like family. Enjoy!

List of Appearances (in Order)

Facebook Live Interviews

Throughout the event I look for friends old and new to do brief interviews with, which we broadcast live on the DealerRefresh Facebook page. Here they are, and thanks to everyone that helped with these, both on and off the camera.

“Freshen Up!” Panel Discussion

The panel was held on Monday 18, 2017 in the Keynote Hall, featuring Chad Graves from Reunion Marketing, Chris K Leslie from Henrich Auto Group, Steve Stauning from Undeniable Advantage Live, and Brad Paschal, LotLinx, moderated by Subi Ghosh from Stream Companies.

LotLinx Bellagio Party

The folks at LotLinx, well, Mark Boyd really, invited me to join their Client-Partner Reception in their Penthouse at the Bellagio. The video turned out great. Check out my casual interview with Boyd and Len Short. Also, be sure not to miss Alex Jefferson’s address with Kevin Frye and Friends.

Special Shouts Out

Finally, I’d like to give a special SHOUT OUT to the Digital Dealer crew for their support and cooperation that makes it possible for me to have a shot at making all this come together.