Rockstar Auto Conference March 2017

Video Recap of Rockstar Auto Conference in Dallas, March 2017

by · March 16, 2017

When it comes to trade shows in the auto retail business, there’s a fair amount from which dealers and vendors can choose each year. Enough in fact that some would argue its a crowded or flooded market with more supply than there is demand. Why then would anyone in their right mind think it’s a good idea to start up a new one?

To answer that, you’ll have to ask Mat Koenig and Christopher Speer who last year introduced the Rockstar Auto Conference in their hometown Kalamazoo, MI which was enough a hit to take another stab at it this month in Dallas which I had the fortune of attending earlier this week.

Below is my video compilation of this one-day event that was held at the vintage Granada Theater just outside of Downtown Dallas. The video, formatted in a hybrid fashion as part of my Automotive B2B Casual Video Series, but released as an AutoBurst Media production, a label of sorts if you will that I’m working on to produce automotive event-driven media.

In this 5-minute video compilation you will see me reference the Facebook Live interviews I conducted mostly with the gracious help of  Big Tom LaPointe (CarChat24) and the likes of Bobbie Herron, Jennifer Briggs, and others. I will let the video speak for itself and  hopefully you will see my gratitude and appreciation come through for my time there making new friends and connections. There is a lot of potential here with the Rockstar Auto Conference and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to be part of it in Dallas and hopefully in Vegas and beyond as the show evolves.

PS – The Facebook Live interviews referenced in the video can all be found on the AutoConversion Facebook page. There’s some good stuff in there and I encourage you to give them a whirl, especially the epic, What Happens When Auto Vendors Get Along Like Family (below).