Using video for your sign up pages

by · August 26, 2009

Sample Sign Up Page - Marazzi NissanThis Thursday at 11:30 AM for our AC Video Webinar series we are concentrating on the practice of using video on your sign up pages. We have a few examples to show you of customers presently doing this and how it contrasts with sign up pages not using video.

Placing video on your sign up pages is a cinch. Using platforms such as YouTube and Viddler can be effective but you have limited control of branding, plus in most cases the user experience typically permits viewers to access other videos which can take away from or be a distraction to your objective of getting the visitor to sign up.

In this webinar you will get to see how using the video players that come with your AutoConversion account give you better control and flexibility with displaying videos on your sign up pages, plus we will take a look at the viewer analytics for the video appearing on the sign up page for one of our top customers.

This webinar begins at 11:30 am Thursday August 27th and is expected to last about 20-30 minutes so nice and short and sweet. To register click here or the button below.

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  1. tdaviero says:

    Looks like a great topic for this month’s webinar!

    Remember too, that even if you are not able to attend live, you should still register for the webinar. Afterwards we will send you the link to the recording, so you can watch it at your convenience!