Automotive Marketing Attribution

PODCAST: Automotive Disruption, Prediction, and Attribution

by · July 3, 2018

Chris K Leslie and I are back for our monthly installment of opinions and analysis of key conversations we’ve been having here on AutoConverse recently.

This episode includes discussion around my recent conversation with Cliff Banks from where we talked about the “era of uncertainty for the auto industry,” specifically about what classifies as disruption.

Cliff believes that one of the few “disruptions” we might experience in this generation is the Connected Car, essentially, the impending connectivity that will and must exist among not only vehicles and roads but also the manufacturers, distributors, aggregators, and of course CONSUMERS.

Chris is a pretty intelligent marketer-slash-techie who lives in Las Vegas with his wife and son. He is a Director of e-Commerce and Digital Marketing for a group of dealerships there, and he podcasts with me on a somewhat periodic basis.

In a later segment of the podcast, Chris and I pick apart recent conversations he and I have had around Automotive Marketing Attribution.

In March, Chris joined me and a small group of other folks at Experian Automotive’s booth at NADA for a LIVE PODCAST SESSION about attribution, which was released in the podcast titled, “A New Metric for Marketing Attribution in Auto Retail.”

During this part of the conversation, you will hear Chris and I talking about HVUs which stands for High Value Users, a metric being introduced by Experian to help dealers better identify and track in-market shoppers.

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