Automotive Digital Marketing Community Surpasses 3k Members in Two Years

by · December 22, 2009

The Automotive Digital Marketing network, or ADM, surpassed the 3,000 member mark this month. In less than two years  the automotive professional network has become the most  visited online social network for automotive Internet sales and marketing professionals!

Auto industry experts on ADM build their presence by uploading their contacts and sending invitations to their community, or by placing links to their ADM Profile Pages in their blogposts and emails. There is also an ADM Community Badge that members can put on their websites, blogs and in email templates. All of these activities have  served to encourage the collaboration of people in the car business within an open and unmoderated or censored online environment.

What’s Coming in 2010

Several ADM Administrators are working on a major sponsorship from a highly respected automotive supplier which will provide the NON-PROFIT ADM Community with the budget to have member receptions, such as they did at Digital Dealer 6 in Las Vegas, which was sponsored by ADP
Dealer Services

About Ralph Paglia, ADM Community Founder

Ralph Paglia is responsible for establishing ADP business partnerships and alliances with Automotive OEM’s, enterprise class National Accounts and eBusiness organizations in the automotive vertical. He specializes in business development focused on defining and providing Digital Marketing solutions to car companies and dealers that accelerate and expand success in selling vehicles, parts and services using Internet based channels, strategies and tactics.

Ralph has over 20 years of leadership in information-technology-enabled automotive strategy and tactical implementation. He is a recognized expert at development requirements, CRM and Digital Marketing value propositions along with requisite performance measurements.

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