Not the End of Electric Cars

Electric Cars Not in Jeopardy from Regulations, 2017 Women’s Car Dealer Report, Instagram Advertising Guide

by · March 16, 2017

Trump backpedals on fuel economy: Why that’s not the end of electric cars (CS Monitor)
The Trump administration promises to review Obama-era fuel-economy standards that helped spur the electric car market. But federal policies aren’t all that matters.

There are other indications, besides technology advancements, that the electric-car market can avoid being squelched by weaker federal regulations. It would be hard for car makers to stop developing fuel efficient cars given that at least a dozen US states, including the biggest US electric car market of California, have their own strict emissions rules, as do many countries including China, Norway, and the Netherlands.

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2017 Women’s Car Dealer Report and Trends (
In today’s hyper-competitive industry, women buyers are crucial for dealer’s success. Advertising ‘the best price’ or having a female spokeswoman is not enough to have them visit your dealership first.

Certified Trusted Dealers have a cumulative 97.1% satisfaction score vs non-certified trusted dealers 85.5% satisfaction score. What a difference! Best business practices are included to elevate your female client experience to help achieve increased market share, sales and retention.

Here are some game-changing data points:

  • 45% of women purchase cars by themselves
  • 53% of millennial car buyers are women
  • 38% of women out-earn their husbands
  • 56% of women do not buy from the brand dealer closest to their home

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The Complete Guide to Instagram Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Instagram (Buffer)

Instagram offers incredible opportunities for businesses of all sizes to reach their target audiences. But as more and more brands join Instagram and the feed becomes more competitive, it can be harder to stand out.

Imagine being able to reach the specific groups of Instagram users you want to connect with, engage them, and convert them into customers.

Well, that’s totally possible!

In late 2015, Instagram opened up Instagram ads. Using the Facebook advertising system, marketers can now reach any specific segment of Instagram’s 600+ million users. And with 400 million people using Instagram every day, Instagram ads have become an enticing avenue for brands looking to increase engagement (and profits, too).

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