What Your Dealership Looks Like from a Shopper’s Perspective

by · June 10, 2016

Shopper Consideration Assessments

How much traffic does your dealership website see every day? Hundreds of visitors? Maybe thousands? This is great, but how much potential traffic is NOT reaching your website, and why? And how valuable are these “lost” potential customers?

The majority of people that reach your website are closing in on that Zero Moment of Truth, so the reality is these visitors are valuable. I’ve heard is said that a dealership customer is worth a million bucks over a lifetime between the business they bring you directly and refer. Even if only 1-3% of website visitors convert into incremental sales and service business immediately that doesn’t mean the remaining 95%-plus have no value.

Most people typically arrive at your website as a result of searching your dealership name on Google. But many arrive there as the result of other factors such as clicking on a Facebook ad, a tweet, or a link from some other social network, or maybe a link from an email you sent, or from the manufacturer’s website.

But it’s the people searching for you on Google where the questions arise – Why did some arrive while others didn’t?

  • Who was turned off by the lack of stars in your Google reviews?
  • How many Yelpers didn’t like what they saw?
  • How many people ended up on a competitor’s website because of an ad?
  • How many landed on another dealer’s website with the same name as yours?

Is there a way to even know how many people ARE NOT reaching your site?

Practically speaking, NO, there isn’t a way to know why an individual potential customer overlooked you, but there are ways to know what might be causing your dealership to be overlooked.

What Does Your Dealership Look Like from a Shopper Perspective?

AutoConversion Online Assessments

Much like mystery shops that put your people and your process to the test, AutoConversion Online Assessments put your online presence to the test. With these assessments we research your dealership online the way a potential customer would who is considering doing business with you. As a result you get an honest and objective analysis and consultation about your presence.

In these assessments we research your dealership on the five most popular networks that offer dealers a local listing –  Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, and YouTube. We also investigate your dealership ratings and reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Cars.com, DealerRater.com, and Edmunds.com.

Proprietary Scoring System

We then run our analyses through a proprietary scoring system so you can see how your dealership measures up against other dealers against the same criteria. Scores are not based on the quantity of reviews but rather the quality and consistency of your ratings and reviews together, on each individual site. This way, dealers with hundreds of reviews on sites such as DealerRater.com but lacking in reviews everywhere else aren’t skewing the playing field.

Our scoring system also takes into account things like the way each dealership utilizes Facebook Ads, brands the dealership, produces quality professional videos, and more.

No Dealership is Flawless

Whether you believe your dealership is the best thing since sliced bread or at the bottom of the barrel, AutoConversion Online Assessments are designed to find the strengths and weakness of your online presence and offer guidance for addressing the issues.

There’s no such thing as perfection. Even top performing dealerships and dealer groups have room for improvement, often in areas where they might not realize. This is what we look for in our online assessments.

You have no idea how much potential business could be leaking due to cracks in your online presence. 

This is why you need to be performing assessments on a regular basis, to help identify where your dealership might be experiencing leaks in its online presence, and then address the issues.

Request your complimentary assessment now or text ‘analyze’ to 555888 and sign up from your phone. Be sure to enter the referral code ‘BlogPro’ when you sign up and you will receive a free gift of your choice.

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