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Delivering Tangible ROI in Social Media

by · January 4, 2016

There are more than 120 million people on Facebook in the United States, and more join every day. This captive audience is a goldmine for retailers, and dealerships are no exception. Dealers that can successfully connect and engage with consumers through Facebook, and influence them to schedule service appointments and shop new vehicles, will not only see revenue increases, but more importantly, greater ROI.

But the gap between auto dealers and consumers in social media continues to be a problem in automotive, with industry experts in all tiers looking for answers.

One company that believes it has an answer is ImpactWare. Through its app called HELIOS, ImpactWare is able to generate consumer-specific communications for brand awareness, car service, and sales leads.

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The process requires smart data mining to ensure each customer and prospect receives the right message, and for the application to work, the company, then called xChange Automotive, needed access to complete and accurate vehicle data and OEM maintenance schedules. For that, they turned to the experts at DataOne.

DataOne’s new vehicle data and OEM maintenance schedules are a crucial part of this process. The vehicle data from DataOne helps HELIOS perform predictive analysis that produces relevant information used to create targeted communications.

It’s proven that the more time consumers spend on a website or application, the more likely it is that they will engage with the dealer. For that reason, xChange Automotive prioritized “sticky” elements when building HELIOS. One of the stickiest is the Shop By Payment® sales application process, which allows consumers to shop real dealer inventory and gather lease and loan information.

Vehicle data from DataOne enables HELIOS to normalize and standardize dealer inventory feeds and deliver real vehicle information, with impressively “sticky” results. Consumers spend an average of three to five minutes working a monthly payment, and the conversion rate from Shop By Payment®, according to a case study, is over 15 percent.

Delivering Tangible ROI

Social media success is notoriously difficult to measure. Most dealers are only able to do so by executing campaigns using Facebook Ads where they can more easily track the number of clicks to a designated landing page and then cross-referencing the transactions to the campaign, but even this approach has loopholes that cause analysts to calculate inaccurate results. Plus, campaigns performed this way are using either the dealership’s data or the automotive marketing data available in Facebook, not complete and accurate vehicle data and OEM maintenance schedules.

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Click/Press to Download Case Study in PDF

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